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Welcome to the World of Spirit

More than twenty-five years ago, my husband Don Pendleton and I had the opportunity to meet Dr. James Martin Peebles, a fascinating and loving spirit, who left this earth in 1922, a few days short of his one-hundredth birthday.

As a result of our meeting with spirit as channeled through trance medium, Thomas Jacobson, we soon knew we had to write a book about communication with the spirit world.

In 1990, our book, To Dance With Angels was published. Don and I both felt we had been given a gift in our opportunity to share the world of spirit with Dr. Peebles,and in turn, to share him and his spiritual psychology with the world. And readers continue to enjoy and be inspired by our book. I published a follow-up book with Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, and recently published an e-book and an audiobook edition of To Dance With Angels after more than twenty years since it first appeared in print on bookshelves.
Over these last decades much of my writing has been in the area of spiritual and inspirational books, e-books, articles and blogs.

Enjoy the dance of Light and Love!

~ Linda Pendleton

"Listen for the flutter of an angel's wing as it softly touches you

with love. Embrace it and join in the dance!"
~Linda Pendleton

A Loving Presence